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Incorporation of Name of the Purchaser on the Face of the Demand Draft

RBI vide its circular RBI/2018-19/14, DBR.AML.BC.No.210/14.01.001/2018-19 dated 12.07.2018 has made it compulsory to banks to incorporate the name of the purchaser on the face of the Demand Draft while purchasing it at a bank (including RRBs, Co-operative banks).
In terms of the above notification, Section 66 of the Master Direction on KYC dated February 25, 2016, as amended on April 20, 2018, has been amended and following paragraph has been added:
Further, the name of the purchaser shall be incorporated on the face of the demand draft, pay order, banker’s cheques, etc., by the issuing bank. These instructions shall take effect for such instruments issued on or after September 15, 2018.
It is learned that the above step was taken by RBI in order to address the concerns arising out of the anonymity provided by payments through demand drafts and its possible misuse for money laundering.

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    1. Surendra NaikSurendra Naik - Post author

      You will be allowed to purchase DD by paying cash below Rs.50000/- The Demand Draft exceeding Rs. 50,000 the payment should be by cheque only. Quoting your PAN No. is also necessary in case the value of the DD is more than Rs. 50,000.

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