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How Kisan Credit Card is useful to farmers?

How Kisan Credit Card is useful to farmers?

Kisan Credit card (KCC) is a type of credit card specially designed for farmers as a form of credit for their cultivation and other needs. Banks may choose to issue EMV (Europay, MasterCard and VISA) chip, and RUPAY compliant chip cards with magnetic stripe and pin with ISO IIN. The farmers can use their KCC to purchase agriculture inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc. and draw cash for their production needs.

The usage of Kisan credit card has many advantages. The borrower need not worry about timings of his bank or bank holidays to withdraw the cash. The ATMs in the neighborhood provide round the clock payment services. This helps card holders to draw money, at any time convenient to them.  The cash can also be withdrawn through BC (banking correspondent). The Payment to the input dealers can be made by swiping the card on POS machine held by the dealer. Payment of Utility bills electric bill, water bill etc. can be made through online card payment which saves time and money to visit bill collection offices for cash payment.

The other advantage of payment made through KCC is that it is error free. In cash payments, there is a possibility of short payment or excess payment or difficulties in tendering exact changes at payment counters.    The Kisan card holders do not face the danger of inadvertently accepting counterfeit notes as it happens in cash transactions.    Carrying Kisan credit cards while traveling is much safer compared to carrying cash. The cash if stolen, the chance of getting back is difficult, whereas if the card is stolen the thief cannot utilize the card unless he knows the numeric password (PIN). The Cardholder can also immediately report to the card issuing bank to stop the transactions of the lost card.


All farmers other than marginal farmers are eligible to apply for KCC

Fixation of credit limit / Loan amount:

For cultivating single crop (short term crop) in a year, the credit limit under the Kisan Credit Card is fixed on the following assessment. The  Scale of finance for the crop (as decided by District Level Technical Committee) x Extent of area cultivated + 10% of limit towards post-harvest/household/ consumption requirements + 20% of limit towards repairs and maintenance expenses of farm assets + crop insurance and/or accident insurance including PAIS, health insurance & asset insurance. For subsequent years, first year limit for crop cultivation purpose arrived at as above plus 10% of the limit towards cost escalation / increase in scale of finance for every successive year (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year).

For long term loan limit, the following method is adopted.

The short term loan limit arrived for the 5th year plus the estimated long term loan requirement will be the Maximum Permissible Limit (MPL) and is to be treated as the Kisan Credit Card limit. The credit limit of the card will vary according to repayment schedule drawn as per the economic life of the proposed investments. However, the total liability at any point of time should be within the drawing limit of the concerned year.


The bank may ask for suitable collateral security if warranted as per their policy.

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