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What is the role function of BCSBI?

Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) was constituted on the recommendation of the committee under the Chairmanship of Shri S.S.Tarapore former deputy Governor of RBI. It was registered as a Society under Societies registration Act 1860 in February 2006.The primary objective of the BCSBI is a board for hassle free service to the Common Man. The BCSBI was promoted by Reserve Bank of India along with 11 scheduled banks including public, private and foreign banks. It is an independent and autonomous watch dog to monitor and ensure that the Banking Codes and Standards adopted by the banks are adhered to in true spirit while delivering their services.

Membership of BCSBI is voluntary and open to all scheduled banks. BCSBI   has scripted the ‘ Code of Bank’s Commitment to Customers’ jointly with Indian Banks Association. The member banks need to ensure compliance of its codes and standards, for quick resolutions and lessen the frustration faced by customers. These codes have come into effect from 1st July 2006.Each individual customer of the Bank can get a copy of the same at free of cost.

The code will apply to all products and services of the banks like Deposit accounts, Safe deposit lockers, settlement of deceased accounts, Forex, remittance within India, Loans and advances including guarantees, credit cards, internet banking. The Code also dwells upon interest rates, tariff schedule, terms and conditions governing relationship between the bank and the customer, compensation of loss, privacy and confidentiality of the information relating to the customer, norms governing advertisements, marketing and sales by banks.

The survey of code compliance which happens once in 18 months shall be submitted by self- certified Annual Statement of code compliance by the banks. BCSBI had come up with a pictorial book encompassing 19 basic rights of the customer in 5 languages which is being translated in to other regional languages by the concerned bank and publicized it among their customers.

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