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How a bank returns safe custody articles to nominee/legal heir?
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How a bank returns safe custody articles to nominee/legal heir?

When a sole depositor of safe custody article dies, the article deposited in the bank may be returned to the nominee if nomination is available. The nominee shall submit death certificate of deceased depositor and identification of nominee. If there is no nomination available, article may be returned to the legal representative of the deceased (or the executor / administrator (if appointed) along with death certificate of deceased depositor and proof of legal representation.

In case of joint deposit of safe deposit articles where survivor-ship mandate is available, the article deposited may be returned to the survivor of deceased depositor, on submission of death certificate. In the absence of survivorship mandate, articles may be released to surviving depositor jointly with legal heirs of deceased depositor. In such cases, besides death certificate of the deceased, proof of legal representation should be obtained. Where, both or all the joint depositors of safe custody article die. In such cases where nomination is not available, such article may be returned jointly to the legal heirs of all the deceased depositors (or the executor / administrator if appointed). In such cases, death certificate and proof of legal representation is required to be submitted to the bank.

Banks are not required to open sealed/closed packets left with them for safe custody or found in locker while releasing them to the nominee(s) and surviving locker hirer / depositor of safe custody article.

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