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Bank kiosks and their concept

Bank kiosks and their concept

(This article explains concept of kiosk, modern day kiosk that helps  the bank customers and passengers of the bus,train, and airlines, as the case may be.)

A Kiosk is basically a small cabin or cubicle structure comparable to a telephone booth. Traditionally, we find a Kiosk where small vendors sell newspapers, refreshments, cold drinks etc. Over the years, the concept of Kiosk is significantly changed. The modern day Kiosks are provided with the computer and display in   aesthetically designed structures. Modern day Kiosks are commonly sighted at banks, airports, railway stations, super markets, malls, bills payment centers etc. These Kiosks are useful for transactions, information, advertising, endorsement and so on.

Kiosks to help Passengers:

The Kiosk setup is based on user-friendly computer touch screen, so that the customers or the passengers of the bus,train, and airlines, as the case may be, can themselves directly view the position of their account or ticket or do the transactions with the help of the computer-based touch screen. The advantage of passengers’ oriented Kiosk usage is that it is meant for self-service of individuals and there is no need to wait for somebody’s help to view or do transactions through it.

Essence of Bank Kiosks :

Bank Kiosks are essentially operational with security settings. Bank customers can log on the computer-based touch screen with their user id and pass word and independently view their account or do banking transactions including deposit of cheques, cash to the credit of their account,and printing transactions in the passbooks . A good number of ‘Bank Kiosks’ are provided with ATM wherein bank customers can draw cash at any point of time, at their convenience.

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