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2017 Holidays list for Central Government offices & Post Offices

2017 Holidays list for Central Government offices & Post Offices

The public holidays for the Central Government offices are divided into two parts. The administrative offices of Central Government situated outside Delhi and New Delhi observes 14 public holidays enumerated in Chart ‘A’. Besides 14 days compulsory public holidays listed in chart A, Delhi and New Delhi offices observe additional 3 compulsory public holidays enumerated in Chart B.   In addition to compulsory public holidays named in Chart A, the employees working in administrative offices of Central Government situated outside Delhi and New Delhi, the employees get 3 optional restricted holidays. Whereas the employees working in Delhi and New Delhi are eligible for only 2 optional restricted holidays.

POST OFFICE HOLIDAYS: The list of holidays enumerated in Chart A is also public holidays for all thePost Offices in India

Chart A: 2017 Compulsory Public Holidays at Central Government offices & Post Offices

1. 26 January 2017 (Thursday) Republic day
2. 9 Apr  2017 (Sunday) Mahavir Jayanti
3. 14 Apr 2017 (Friday) Good Friday

(Other  festivals/holidays  on the same day:  Solar New Year/   Vishu/  Mesadi/Puthandu/

B R Ambedkar Jayanti

4. 10 May 2017 (Wednesday) Buddha Purnima
5. 26 June 2017 (Monday)** Idu’l Fitr (Ramzan)
6. 15 August  2017(Tuesday) Independence day
7. 2 Sept 2017 (Saturday) Idul Zuha (Bakrid)

Other festivals: Prakash Utsav /Sri Guru Grant sahib

8. 30 Sept  2017 (Saturday) Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami)
9. 1 October 2017 (Sunday)** Muharram
10. 2 October 2017(Monday) Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday
11. 19 October 2017(Thursday)* Diwali (Deepavali)/

Lakshmi Puja/Kali Puja

12. 4 Nov 2017(Saturday) Guru Nanak’s Birthday
13. 2  Dec 2017 (Saturday)** Prophet Mohammad’s birthday (Id-e-milad)
14. 25  Dec 2017(Monday) Christmas day /

(Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti,)


In addition to holidays shown in ‘List A’, the Central Government offices in Delhi/New Delhi observe compulsory public holidays displayed in List B.

Chart B:

The following Compulsory Public Holidays observed only by Central Government offices located in Delhi/New Delhi (in addition to holidays named in Chart A)

15. 24 Feb 2017(Friday) Maha Shivaratri
16. 13 March 2017  (Monday) Holi
17. 4 Apr 2017(Tuesday) Ram Navami


*During 2017, Diwali (Deepavali) falls on Thursday, October 19, 2017. There is no objection if holiday is observed on Naraka Chaturdasi Day (on October 18, 2017) in place of Deepavali Day for the Central Government offices in a state where that day alone is declared as a compulsory holiday for Diwali for the offices of that State Government.

**The decision to change in the date of holidays in respect of (i) Idu’ls Fitr, (ii)  Idu’l Zuha, (iii) Muharram and  (iv) Id-e-Milad  may be taken by the concerned State Government, if necessary, depending upon sighting of moon  and in case of Delhi/New Delhi would be declared by Ministry of personnel after ascertaining from the Govt. of NCT of Delhi

  • Restricted Holidays (RH) for employees of Delhi/New Delhi

The employees attached to Central government administrative offices located in Delhi/New Delhi  may choose and avail any 2 restricted notified holidays of his/her choice from the following festivals in addition to compulsory public holidays).

1.New year day, 2. Guru Gobind singh Jayanti, 3.Makar Sankranti, 4.Pongal  5.Basant Panchami,6.Guru Ravidas, 7..Shivaji Jayanti, 8.Swami Dayanand Saraswati, 9. Holika Dahan, 10. Chaitra Sukladi, 11. Hazarath Ali Birthday 12.Vishu/Vaisakhi,13.Vaisakhadi (Bengal)/Bahag Bihu (Assam),14.Masadi, 15.Easter, 16.Guru Rabindranath Birthday, 17.Jamat-Ul-Vida 18.Rath Yatra, 19.Raksha Bandan, 20.Janmastami (vaisnovi), 21. Parsi New Year(Nauraj), 22.Vinayaka Chaturthi/Ganesh Chaturthi, 23.Onam,24. Dussera Maha Saptami (Additional), 25. Dussera Maha Ashtami (Additional),26.Maha Navami (Ayudha Puja). 27.Maharshi Valmiki Birthday  28. Karaka Chaturti (Karva Chahuth,) 29.Deepavali (south) 30. Naraka Chaturdasi 31.Govardhan Puja, 32.Bhai Dhuj, 33.Pratihar Shashti/ Surya Sashti/Chhatpuja  34.Guru Teg Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day, 35. Christmas Eve.

  • Restricted Holidays (RH) and optional holidays outside Delhi & New Delhi

The employees attached to Central government administrative offices located outside Delhi/New Delhi  are eligible to take 3 restricted notified holidays  of his/her choice. In view of the occasions of local importance outside Delhi & New Delhi, the coordination committees at the state capitals are allowed to draw up separate list.  The separately drawn up list of restricted holidays will be containing 3 variable restricted holidays from the list of restricted holidays for Delhi and New Delhi. The State Coordination committee of concerned State would pick up from the list of festivals indicated below.

1.An additional Day for Dussehra,(Maha Saptami, Maha ashtami) ,  2.Holi, 3.Janmastami (Vaisnavi), 4.Ram Navami, 5.Maha Shivarathri, 6.Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi, 7.Makar Sankranti,  8.Rath Yathra, 9.Onam,  10.Pongal, 11. Sri Panchami,/ Basant Panchami.

  1. (Vishu/Vaisakhi/Vaisakhadi/Bhag Bihu/Mashadi Ugadi/Chaitra Sukladi/ Cheti Chand/ Gudi Padva 1st /Navratra/Nauraj (Parsi new year)/Chhath Pooja/Karva Chauth.)

The dates and days of restricted optional holidays for central Government employees are listed in Chart C

Chart C:

1 January 2017



New Year Day
5 January 2017 (Thursday)


Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
14 January 2017 (Saturday)


Pongal/ Makara Sankranti/Lohri/  Bhogali Bihu/ Hadaga/Poki
1Feb 2017



Basant Panchami/Vasant Panchami,/Saraswati Puja
10 Feb2017(Friday) Guru Ravidas Jayanti
19 Feb 2017Sunday Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
21 Feb 2017 Tuesday Swami Dayananda Saraswati Jayanti
24 Feb 2017(Friday) Maha Shivarathri
12 March 2017 (Sunday)


Choti Holi, Holika Dahan, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti, Dol Jatra
13 March 2017 (Monday)


28 March 2017 Tuesday Chaitra Sukladi, Gudi Padva,Ugadi, Cheti Chand
4 Apr  2017(Tuesday)


Rama Navami
11 Apr 2017(Tuesday)


Hazarath Ali’s Birthday
13 Apr 2017 (Thursday)


14 Apr 2017 (Friday)


Good Friday,

Vishu/Souramana Yugadi),  Puthandu,

B R Ambedkar Jayanti/Mesadi Ugadi

15 Apr 2017(Saturday)


 Bahag Bihu/Vaisakhadi/
16 Apr 2017(Sunday) Easter
9 May2017(Tuesday) Birth day of Rabindranath Tagore
23 Jun 2017(Friday) Jamat-Ul-vida
25 June 2017(Sunday) Rath Yathra
7 August 2017, Monday Raksha Bandan
15 August  2017 Tuesday  Janmastami (Vaisnavi)
17 August 2017Thursday Parsi New Year /Nauraj(Shahenshahi)
25 August  2017 (Friday) Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi
4 Sept 2017 (Monday) Thiruvonam
27 Sept  2017 *Wednesday Dussera Maha Saptami (Additional)
28 Sept  2017 *Thursday Dussehra Maha Asthami (Additional) (Durga Ashtami,Mohaashtami Ayudha Puja)
29 Sept  2017 Friday  Maha Navami,(Ayudha Pooja, Maha Nabami)
5 October 2017(Thursday) Valmiki Jayanti, ( Lakshmi Puja/Mahrsi Valmiki Jayanti/ Meerabai Jayanti,)


8 October 2017(Sunday) Karva Chauth/Karaka Chaturthi
18 October 2017(Wednesday) Narak Chaturdashi, /Deepavali (South)

(Kali Puja/ Chhat Puja)

20 October 2017(Friday) Govardhan Puja,

( Bali Padyami/Diwali /Balipada)

21 October2017(Saturday) Bhai Dhuj
26 October 2017(Thursday) Pratihar Sashti/Surya Sashti/Chhatpuja
24 Nov 2017(Friday) Guru Tej Bahadur Martyrdom day
24 Dec 2017(Sunday) Christmas eve

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