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Generation of Export Declaration Form (EDF) explained

Exporters will have to declare all the export transactions in export declaration form and submit the same to Authorised Dealer (AD) bank along with shipping documents within twenty one days from the date of shipment. Export declaration forms were used according to form of export and type of exports. RBI vide its circular A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No.43 dated 13.9.2016 simplified and revised the earlier kind of declaration form (GR/SOFTEX) for Exports of Goods/Software and a common form called EDF (Export Declaration Form) is introduced for the above purpose from October 1, 2013. The declaration requirement in the earlier system remains the same as applicable hither to, only the format of the form is changed. Under the revised procedure is the exporters of goods and software will have to submit EDF for export transactions of all values (In the previous system where the value of goods or software is below USD 25000, the exporters were exempted from submission of declaration form).

The EDF Form No./SOFTEX form no.(single or bulk) can be generated through RBI website (path>Forms->FEMA->Forms printing EDF/SOFTEX Form No.). The facility of manual allotment of single as well bulk SOFTEX form number by Regional Offices of RBI is now discontinued and the applicant has to fill in the online form to get the related form no.  In terms of The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), the  exporter has to complete the EDF/SOFTEX Form using the number so allotted and submit them to the specified authority first for certification and then to AD for necessary action as hitherto.

The exemptions for submission of export declaration forms:

The submission of export declaration forms are exempted in the following cases.

  1. In case of Gift, the value of export should not be more than Rupees Five lakhs(Rs.5 lakhs).
  2. Re-export of goods imported at free of cost.
  3. Trade samples of goods and publicity material supplied free of payment.
  4. Replacement of goods exported free of charge in terms of the provisions of the Foreign Trade Policy.
  5. Goods for export promotion up to 2% of average annual exports of the applicant during the preceding three years subject to a ceiling of Rs.5 Lakhs.
  6. Export not involving foreign exchange either directly or indirectly.
  7. In the amendment notification No.9/2015-2020 dated June 4, 2015 the Government of India has notified that the status holders (Export houses) shall be entitled to export freely exportable items on free of cost basis for export promotion subject to an annual limit of Rs 10 lakh or 2% of average annual export realization during preceding three licensing years whichever is lower.Thus, the goods exported free of charge are exempted from declaration of export goods(GR form).

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