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How to convert resident SB account to NRO Account?

You have to give an application to the bank stating that your residential status has undergone a change from Resident Indian to NRI with effect from (mention the date of change of status to NRI) and request the bank to convert your existing SB account into NRO SB account. You need to submit following attested copies for your identity and foreign address proof.

  1. Identity proof: (1) Copy of the relevant pages of Passport (2) copy of valid Visa /work permit (both mandatory)
  2. Overseas address proof: ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING (1)Original copy of latest bank statement of account overseas, (2) Copy of employee ID card, (3) Copy of Labour card (4)Electric Bill (5) Telephone Bill (6). Copy of social security card
  3. From the customer who is not personally visiting the branch, banks generally call for ANY ONE of the following, as an additional document.

    (1).Cheque drawn on customer’s overseas bank account, (2) Cancelled/Paid Cheque of customer’s overseas Bank account,(3)Copy of proof of Income/Pay slip/tax              return.

In case of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) or Person of Indian Origin (PIO) the following documents are required as identity proof.

(1) Copy of the relevant pages of Passport and any one of the following (a) Copy of PIO card/OCI card, (b)Copy of relevant pages of Passport of parents or grandparents (d) copy of marriage certificate.

For de-linking Demat account from existing SB account, the customer has to write a letter to the bank requesting to de-link your SB account. The customer needs to give reason for delinking the accounts. The accounts will be de-linked only after completion of all transactions effected prior to de-linking date.  The customer has to give an undertaking to the bank that de-linking of above accounts will not affect your liabilities and obligations if any.

Forms: Most of the banks have prescribed specific forms for the conversion of existing savings accounts to NRO accounts/ de-linking Demat account from SB account. Forms can be obtained from the bank or downloaded from the bank’s website.

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