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Where photographs not necessary to open bank accounts?

Where photographs not necessary to open bank accounts?

(In some cases, photographs are not required for opening bank accounts. Find out here in which cases photographs not required.)

While opening any type of accounts viz. Savings Bank, Current Accounts, Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits, or loan accounts, all the depositors/account holders have to submit two copies of latest photographs for the bank’s record. This condition of submitting photographs applies to all categories of depositors, whether resident or non-resident. It is compulsory to submit Photographs of all the persons who are authorized to operate the accounts without exception including ‘Pardanishin’ women. However, there is no need to submit separate photographs for each category of deposit or an additional account is desired to be opened by the existing account holders. In case,   term deposits photographs of all depositors in whose names the deposit receipt stands are required to be submitted. In case of deposits/accounts in the name of minors the photographs of guardians (not the photo of minor) is required to be submitted. Photocopies of driving license/passport containing photographs cannot be substituted in place of photographs. Accounts opened by other banks, Local Authorities and Government Departments (excluding public sector undertakings or quasi-Government bodies) are exempted from the requirement of photographs. Further banks do not insist on photographs in case of accounts of their staff members (Single/Joint). Photographs of all the members of Self Help Groups (SHGs) are not required while opening the savings bank account of the SHG. KYC verification of only the officials of the SHGs would be sufficient.

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