How to operate bank account when Karta of the HUF dies?

How to operate bank account when Karta of the HUF dies?

When the Karta of the HUF has expired then bank account remains the same subject to submission of declaration cum no objection letter to the bank from the new Karta and co-parceners . The letter shall provide the following information.

  1. Request to delete the name of deceased Karta from bank’s record (type and account number to be specified) with the copy of death certificate.
  2. Name of newly appointed Karta to be mentioned and his relationship with the deceased Karta.
  3. Request to register update the name of new Karta of the specified HUF account in place of deceased Karta and allow him to operate the said HUF account.
  4. No objection for appointment of (Name of the member) new Karta of HUF account
  5. The declaration cum no objection letter from co-parceners for deletion of name of existing Karta and appointment of New Karta to be signed by the new Karta and all the major co-parceners of the family.

The Karta is traditionally the senior most male coparcener of the HUF.  When Karta of the HUF dies, the next senior male member takes over as Karta. If the senior most member gives up his right, a junior coparcener can become Karta of the HUF, with the consent of all other major co-parceners  as held by Supreme Court in Narendra Kumar J. Modi Vs CIT (1976) 105 ITR 109 (SC).

As per Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 the daughters of a family who are governed by Mitakshara Law, also become co-parceners in the HUF property. The above amendment further gave the women the right of survivor ship via amended Section 6 (1) (a) and (b) of Hindu Succession Act, 1956. This amendment gave them equal rights as the sons.

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    Very simple n effective advice.It will help to solve a lot of problem being faced by the coparceners of an HUF having bank account and the karta has died. Thank a lot

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