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DA for the Bank employees and officers for November 2015 to January 2016

On the basis of CPI data announced by the Government for the month of July, Aug & Sep 2015,  the Dearness Allowance (DA) payable for the period of Nov’15 to Jan’16  for Bank employees and Officers is an increase of 34 DA Slabs.
Calculation of DA for the Quarter (July – Sep 2015)
CPI for July 2015 6003.21
CPI for Aug 2015 6026.04
CPI for Sep 2015 6071.69
Average CPI for the Quarter July – Sep 2015 as above = 6033.65
Average CPI for the Last Quarter (April – June 2015) = 5896.69
Increase in DA slab (6033.65-5896.69÷4) is 136 / 4 = 34 slabs

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