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IBA agreed to hold negotiation with Bank Unions on 23.02.2015

During the conciliation meeting held at Chief Labour Commissioner’s office Delhi, IBA requested the Unions to defer the strike call so that further negotiations can continue. Unions representing UFBU pointed out that when earlier strike call was deferred there was no positive response from IBA and unless IBA can come out with further positive improvement in their offer, it is not possible to defer the strike.

After discussions, the Chief Labour Commissioner Shri P P Mitra advised that one more rounds of direct bipartite talks be held to find out an amicable solution and it is advisable to avoid strike in the banking sector in the interest of the economy.
Accordingly, IBA has fixed further direct bipartite negotiations between IBA and UFBU at 11-30 AM at Mumbai on 23rd February Monday. Unions have agreed to participate in the talks.

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