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Bank Holidays 2018 declared by Telangana Government

Bank Holidays 2018 declared by Telangana Government

bankholidaylist(Calendar of Public Holidays in Telangana under NI Acts)

Bank holidays in India are declared as public holidays under explanation to section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881. The holiday declared under NI Act is applicable exclusively to the banks located within the administration area of specific State and Union Territory.  In other States and Union territories where it is not a holiday, banks remain opened and allow normal banking transaction    similar to any other working days.

All Sundays and 2nd & 4th Saturdays are Bank Holidays under the explanation to section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881. (This holiday rule is applicable to all commercial and co-operative banks operating in entire India).

List of Holidays

Sr.No Date Day Occasion/Festival Date
1 15.01.2018 Monday SANKRANTI/PONGAL
2 26.01.2018 Friday REPUBLIC HOLIDAY
3 13.02.2018 Tuesday MAHASHIVARATRI
4 01.03.2018 Thursday HOLI
5 26.03.2018 Monday SRI RAMA NAVAMI
6 30.03.2018 Friday GOOD FRIDAY
7 05.04.2018 Thursday BIRTHDAY OF B.R.AMBEDKAR
8 01.05.2018 Tuesday MAY DAY
9 16.06.2018 Saturday EIDUL-UL- FITR (RAMZAN)
10 15.08.2018 Wednesday INDEPENDENCE DAY
11 22.08.2018 Wednesday BAKRID (ID-UL-AZHA)
12 03.09.2018 Monday SRI KRISHNA ASTAMI
13 13.09.2018 Thursday VINAYAKA CHAVATI
15 02.10.2018 Tuesday MAHATMA GANDHI JAYANTHI
16 17.10.2018 Wednesday DURGASTAMI
17 18.10.2018 Thursday VIJAYA DASAMI
18 07.11.2018 Wednesday DEEPAVALI
19 21..11.2018 Wednesday EID MILADUN NABI
21 25.12.2018 Tuesday CHRISTMAS


Following festivals occur on Sundays /2nd Saturday (Not declared as Holiday)

Bhogi 14.1.2018 Sunday

Ugadi 18.03.2018 Sunday

Sri Rama Navami 25.03.2018 Sunday

Annual closing of Bank accounts  on Sunday 01.04.2018

Dr,B.R.Ambedkar’s Birthday 2nd Saturday  14.04.2018

If any of the holidays for the festivals of Muslim fraternity notified above does not fall on the date notified, the holiday date may be altered by the concerned government or the community fraternity in government service may be granted special  holidays on the date observable.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been taken to avoid errors or omissions in the list of holidays published above. In spite of this, it is possible that any changes in holiday dates, mistake, errors, ambiguity, inconsistency, discrepancy or doubts may inadvertently creep up. The readers are therefore requested to be guided by the holiday list announced by the banks of respective states/UT or by the IBA for correct and as authentic information. Author or anyone connected directly or indirectly to this website accepts no responsibility whatsoever and will not be liable for any losses, claims or damages which may arise because of the contents of this write up.

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