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All India Bank Holidays 2017

All India Bank Holidays 2017

(The list of holidays and festivals in Indian for all states/UTs of India during 2017)

Indian bank holidays are declared under explanation to section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881. These holidays are declared separately by each administration of various Union Territories and State Governments. Bank holidays declared by a state/UT is observed only by the banks situated within the administrative limit of that state/UT. The banks situated in other states where it is not a holiday would remain open for normal banking transactions.

Bank Holidays 2017:

We have updated the holidays and names of the states that have already declared holidays under the explanation to Section 25 of NI Act 1881.  However, the dates of the holidays marked (#) alongside the names of states in the below list have till date not announced the official list of state holidays under NI Act. Yet, in view of the occasions of local importance, we have shown the dates and names of some important festivals which were reflected in previous years holiday list of those states with the mark (#), as a general information. We will update this page and remove (#) marks as soon as the official holiday lists are released by the concerned State Governments.

In addition to public holidays listed below, all the commercial & Co-operative Banks across the country closed on all Sundays and 2nd & 4th Saturdays as ‘Public Holidays’ under the explanation to section 25 of the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881.

The list of holidays and festivals during 2017 are as under.


Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
New Year Day

1 January 2017- Sunday

Arunachal Pradesh (#)/Meghalaya/Nagaland/Tamilnadu


New Year Festival

2 January 2017 –Monday



Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

5 January 2017 –Thursday

Chandigarh/Himachal Pradesh



10 January 2017-Tuesday

Missionary Day

11 January 2017-Wednesday

Birthday of Swami Vivekananda

12 January 2017 –Thursday

West Bengal
Makara ankranti/Ponga/Magh Bihu/ Uttarayana punyakala /Lohri/ Bhogali Bihu/ Hadaga/Poki

14 January 2017 –Saturday

Andaman & Nicobar (#)/Arunachal Pradesh (#)/Assam/ Gujarat/Karnataka/Nagaland/Tamilnadu/Puducherry
Thiruvalluvar Day

15 January 2017 –Sunday



Uzhavar Tirunal

16 January 2017-Monday

Netaji Birthday

23 January 2017 –Monday

Tripura/West Bengal
Republic Day

26 January 2017 –Thursday

All India Holiday

National Holiday



Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Saraswati Puja (Shree Panchami/Basant Panchami)

1Feb 2017 –Wednesday

Odisha/Tripura/West Bengal
Guru Ravidas’s Birthday

10 Feb2017- Friday

Chandigarh/Himachal Pradesh/Haryana /Punjab
Lui Ngai-Ni

15 Feb2017- Wednesday

State Day /Statehood day,

20 Feb2017-Monday

Mizoram/Arunachal Pradesh (#)

24 Feb 2017-Friday)

Andaman & Nicobar (#) /Chandigarh/Chhatisgarh /Gujarat/Himachal Pradesh/Haryana /J&K /Jharkhand/Karnataka/Kerala/Maharastra/Odisha/Telangana/Uttar Pradesh /Uttar Khand

MARCH 2017

Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Chapchar Kut

3 March 2017

Holi / Dol Jatra

12 March 2017- Sunday

Andaman /Assam/Chandigarh /Jammu Province only/Lakshdweep (#)/Nagaland(#)//Odisha/Punjab#/Sikkim /Uttar Khand/Uttar Pradesh/West  Bengal
Holi (2nd day)/Yaosang 2nd Day/Hola

13 March 2017- Monday

Arunachal Pradesh (#)/Bihar /Chandigarh/Chhatisgar/Daman-Diu (#)/Delhi/Gujarat/Himachal  Pradesh/Haryana/Jharkhand/Madhya Pradesh/Maharastra/Manipur/Meghalaya/Mizoram/Odisha/Punjab/Rajastan/Uttar Pradesh/Uttara Khand

14 March 2017- Tuesday






17 March 2017 -Tuesday


Bihar Day

22 March 2017 Wednesday

Gudi Padwa/Ugadi/Cheti Chand/Chaitra Sukladi, 1st Navratra
28 March 2017-Tuesday
Goa/J& K/Maharastra
Chandramana Ugadi/Sajibu Nongmapanba (Cheiraoba)/Julelal Jayanti

29 March 2017-Wednesday


Andhra Pradesh /Goa/Karnataka/ Manipur/Tamilnadu/Telangana /

30 March 2017 Thursday



APRIL 2017

Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Annual closing of Accounts of Commercial and Co-operative Banks

1 Apr2017-Saturday


Banks are closed all over India
Shree Ram Navami

4 Apr  2017-Tuesday


Chandigarh/Gujarat/Himachal Pradesh


/Rajastan/Uttar Khand/Uttar Pradesh

Ram Navami/Babu Jagajivanram birthday

5 Apr  2017-Wednesday

Andhra Pradesh/Bihar/Madhya Pradesh/Telangana
Mahavir Jayanti

9 Apr  2017 Sunday

Andaman & Nicobar (#)/Chandigarh/

Daman-Diu (#)/Delhi/Haryana /Karnataka/


Birthday of Mohammad Hajarat Ali

11 Apr 2017-Tuesday

Uttar Pradesh
Vaisakhi /baisakhi/Vishu 1st day
13 Apr 2017-Thursday
Chandigarh/J&K/Mahe Region (Puducherry)/Punjab (#)
Good Friday/  Solar New year ( Vishu/Tamil New year day/  Puthandu/ B R Ambedkar Jayanti/Mesadi yugadi

14 April 2017- Friday

Andhra Pradesh/Assam/Bihar/Chandigarh/Daman-Diu/ Dadra-Nagar-HaveliDelhi/Goa/Gujarat/Haryana#/Jharkhand/J&K/Karnataka/Kerala/ Lakshdeep(#)/Maharashtra/Mahe  Region/Manipur/ Meghalay/Mizoram/Nagaland /Odisha /Puducherry/ Rajastan/Sikkim (#)//Tamilnadu /Telangana /Tripura/Uttar Pradesh/Uttar Khand/West Bengal
Bengali New Year’s Day/Himchal Day / Rongali Bihu/Bohag Bihu/Vaisakhadi/Vishu (2nd day)

15 April 2017-Saturday

Assam/Himachal Pradesh/Tripura/West Bengal



16 April 2017-Sunday

Andaman/Kerala/ Daman-Diu/ Dadra-Nagar-Haveli (#)

Lakshdweep(#)/Sikkim (#)/Nagaland (#)

Garia Puja

21 April 2017- Friday

Basava Jayanthi

29 Apr 2017-Friday


MAY 2017

Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Maharashtra Din/May Day

1 May 2017 Sunday

Andhra Pradesh/Assam /Bihar/ Dadra & Nagar-Haveli (#)Goa/Karnataka/Kerala/ Lashdweep (#)/Maharashtra/Manipur/Puducherry/Sikkim (#)/ Tamilnadu /Telangana/Tripura/West Bengal
Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore / Lok Nayak Maharana Pratap Jayanti

9 May2017-Tuesday

West Bengal
Buddha Pournima

10 May 2017 Wednesday

Andaman(#)/Arunachal Pradesh (#)/Chhatisgarh/Delhi/Haryana/Himachal Pradesh/J&K /Jharkhand/Madhya Pradesh/Maharastra/Uttara Khand/Uttar Pradesh
Martyrdom day Sri Guru Arjun Devji

29 May 2017 Monday


JUNE 2017

Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Y.M.A Day /Raja Sankranti

15 June 2017-Thursday

Martyrdom Day Sri Guru Arjun singhji

16 June 2017 Friday

Punjab (#)

22 June 2017 – Thursday,


23 June 2017- Friday

Rath Jatra/Ramzan (Idul-Fitr)

25 June 2017-Sunday

Ramzan Id (Id-ul-Fitr)

26 June 2017- Monday

Andhra Pradesh/Andaman (#)/Assam /Arunachal Pradesh/Bihar/Chandigarh/Chhatisgarh/Delhi/ Daman-Diu (#)/Gujarat/ Himachal Pradesh/ Haryana/ J&K /Lakshadweep(#)/Jharkand/Karnataka/Madhya Padesh/Maharastra/Mahe Region/Manipur/Nagaland (#)/Punjab /Puducherry/Odisha/Rajastan/Tamilnadu/Telangana/Tripura/Uttar Khand/ Uttar Pradesh/West Bengal,
Remna Ni

30 June 2017- Thursday


JULY 2017

Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Annual Closing of RBI

Kharch Puja

1 July 2017- Friday

RBI offices closed for public


Guru  Hargobind Ji Birthday

5 July 2017- Tuesday

J& K

6 July 2017-Wednesday


10 July 2017-Monday

Martyr’s day

13 July 2017 –Thursday

Ker Puja

15 July 2017- Saturday

U Tirot Sing Day               

16 *& 17 July 2017 –Monday

 (* 16/7/2017 Beh Deinkhlam -Sunday)



Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday

 Raksha Bandhan

7 August 2017-Monday

Madhya Pradesh/Punjab#/Rajastan/Uttara Khand/Uttar Pradesh/Himachal Pradesh*(*Holiday  only for women employees working in all Government offices, boards, Corporations, educational institutions in Himachal Pradesh)
Janmashtmi /Krishna Jayanthi/Krishna astami

14 August  2017-Monday

Bihar/Odisha/ Tamilnadu/Telangana/Uttara Khand#
Independence  Day  

(Janmastami for Vaisnavs)

15 August  2017 Tuesday


All India Holiday

(National Holiday)


De jure Transfer day

16 August  2017 Wednesday

Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi)  

17 August 2017-Thursday

Ganesh Chaturthi/Samvantsari (Chaturthi Paksha)/Varasiddhi Vinayaka Vrata               

25 August  2017 –Friday

Andhra Pradesh/Daman-Diu (#)/Gujarat/Karnataka/Maharastra/Odisha/Puducherry/Tamilnadu /Telangana
Ganesh Chaturthi  2nd Day

26 August 2017-Wednesday



 Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Bakrid (Idul Ad’ha)

1 Sep 2017-Friday

Bakri Id (Id-ul-Zuha)/Karma Puja

2 September 2017 –Saturday

Andhra Pradesh/Assaam /Bihar /Chhatisgarh/Daman-Diu (#)/DelhiGujarat/Haryana/Himachal Pradesh/J&K / Jharkhand /Karnataka/Madhya Pradesh /Maharastra/Manipur/Meghalaya/Odisha/Punjab (#)/Rajastan/Tamilnadu/Telangana/Tripura/Uttara Khand /Uttar Pradesh /West Bengal
First Onam/) Idul Zuha Holiday

3 Sep 2017-Sunday

Kerala/J&K /

4 Sept 2017-Monday

Shree Narayana Guru Jayanthi

6 Sept 2017-Wednesday

Mahalaya Amavasye

19 Sept 2017-Tuesday

Karnataka/Odisha/Tripura/West Bengal
Bathukamma starting day

20 Sept 2017-Wednesday

Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi Day

21 Sept 2017-Thursday

Maha Saptami

27 Sept  2017 *Wednesday


Tripura/West Bengal
Durga Ashtami,Mohaashtami /Birthday of Shahid Bhagat Singh Ji

28 Sept  2017 – Thursday

Andhra Pradesh/Jharkhand/

Manipur/Odisha/Tripura/Telangana/West Bengal /


Maha Navami,Ayudha Pooja, Maha Nabami

29 Sept  2017 –Friday

Assam/Bihar/J&K /Jharkhand/Karnataka /Kerala/ Meghalaya/Mizoram/Puducherry /Punjab(#)/Tamilnadu /Tripura/Uttar Pradesh/West Bengal


Vijayadashami,Vijaya Doshami, Dusshera,Dasara,

30 Sept  2017- Saturday

Andhra Pradesh/Andaman(#)/ Arunchal Pradesh (#)Bihar/Chhatisgarh/ Daman-Diu (#)/Delhi/Goa/Gujarat/Himachal Pradesh /Haryana/J&K/Jharkhand//Karnataka /Kerala/Lakshdweep (#)/Madhya Pradesh/Maharashtra/Meghalaya/Mizoram/Nagaland (#)/Odisha/Punjab/ Rajastan/ /Tamilnadu /Telangana/Tripura/Uttara Khand/ Uttar Pradesh/West Bengal




Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Moharram, Muharam

1 October 2017-Sunday

Andaman (#)/Bihar/Chhatisgarh/Daman-Diu (#)/Delhi/J&K /Karnataka /Maharashtra/Odisha/ Tamilnadu /Uttar Pradesh/West Bengal/
Mahatma Gandhi Birthday

2 October 2017-Monday

All India Holiday /National Holiday/
 Lakshmi Puja/Mahrsi Valmiki Jayanti/ Meerabai Jayanti,

5 October 2017-Thursday


Chandigarh/Karnataka /Odisha/Punjab/ Tripura/West Bengal

Karva Chauth/Karaka Chaturthi

8 October 2017-Sunday

Himachal Pradesh (*Holiday for women employees working in all Government offices, boards, Corporations, educational institutions in Himachal Pradesh)
Narak Chaturdashi,Kali Puja/ Chhat Puja /Deepavali/Kati Bihu
18 October 2017-Wednesday
Assam /Goa/Karnatakaa /Kerala/ Puducherry/Tamilnadu/Telangana
Diwali Lakshmi Puja/Kali Puja

19 October 2017-Thursday

Andhra Pradesh/Andaman (#)/Arunchal Pradesh/ Assam/Bihar/Chandigarh/Chhatisgarh/ Dadra & Nagar-Haveli (#)/Daman-Diu(#)/Delhi/Gujarat/Himachal Pradesh /J&K /Jharkhand/Lakshdweep (#)/Madhya Pradesh/Maharashtra/Manipur/Meghalaya/Mizoram/Nagaland (#)/Odisha/Punjab/Rajastan#/Tripura/ Uttar Khand/Uttar Pradesh/West Bengal
Bali Padyami/Diwali (Balipratipada)/Govardhan Puja/ Vikram Samvant New Year Day

20 October 2017-Friday


Gujarat/Karnataka/Maharashtra/Meghalaya/Rajastan/Uttar Khand/Uttar Pradesh



Bhai Dhuj/ Chitragupt Jayanti/Ningol Chakkouba

21 October2017-Saturday

Manipur/Mizoram/ Uttar Khand/Uttar Pradesh/ Himachal Pradesh

(* Holiday for women employees working in all Government offices, boards, Corporations, educational institutions in Himachal Pradesh)


Chath (Evening Ardhya)

Pratihar Sashti/Surya Sashti/Chhatpuja

26 Oct 2017-Thursday

Chhat Puja

27 October 2017-Friday




Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Kannada Rajyothsava/Kut/ Puducherry Liberation Day

1 Nov 2017-Wednesday


Guru Nanak Jayanti/Karthika Purnima

4 Nov 2017-Saturday

Andhra Pradesh/Andaman (#)/Arunachal Pradesh/Assam /Chandigarh/Chhatisgarh/Delhi/Himachal Pradesh/J& K /Jharkhand/Madhya Pradesh/Maharashtra/Punjab/Rajastan/Telangana/Uttar Khand/Uttar Pradesh/West Bengal
Kanakadasa Jayanthi

6 Nov 2017-Monday

Wangala Festival

10 Nov 201-Friday

Seng Kut Snem

23 Nov 2017 –Thursday

Guru Tej Bahadur Martyrdom day

24 Nov 2017-Friday

Haryana# /Punjab#


Holiday description with date States/UTs Observing Public Holiday
Eid-Milad,Milad un-Nabi, Id-e-Milad/ Indigenious Faith day

1  Dec 2017 – Friday


Andhra Pradesh/Andamman (#)

/ArunachalPradesh(#)/ Jammu & Kashmir/Karnataka /Maharashtra/ Tamilnadu /Telangana

Id-e-milad /Milad-I-shariff

(birthday of prophet  Mohammed)/

2  Dec 2017 Saturday


Chhatisgarh/ Daman-Diu (#)/Delhi/Jharkhand//Kerala/Madhya Pradesh/ Puducherry/Uttar Pradesh/Uttar Khand


Feast of St.Francis Xavier

4 Dec 2017-Monday

 Birthday of Shaikh Mohammed Abdulla

5 DEC 2017 –Tuesday

 Jammu & Kashmir
Friday following Id

8 Dec 2017- Friday

 Jammu & Kashmir


Goa  Liberation Day/

Liberation day of Daman & Diu

19 Dec 2017-Tuesday

Goa/  Daman & Diu
 Christmas/Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

25  Dec 2017-Monday

Andhra Pradesh/Andaman (#)/Arunachal Pradesh (#)/Assam /Bihar/Chandigarh/Chhatisgarh/Delhi/ Dadra & Nagar-Haveli (#)/Daman-Diu (#)/Goa/Gujarat/J&K /Jharkhand/ Karnataka /Kerala/Lakshadweep (#)/Madhya Pradesh/Maharashtra/Meghalaya/Odisha/ Pudhucherry/Punjab(#)/Sikkim (#)/Tamilnadu /Telangana/Uttar Khand /Uttar Pradesh/West Ben
December 2017

Holidays in North East States

 Holidays  in Meghalaya 12/12  (Tuesday )Pa Togan Nengminza Sangma, 18/12 (Monday)Death Anniversary of U Soso Tham,24/12 to 26/12/2017 Christmas festival,30/12/2017 Saturday U Kiang
Holidays in Nagaland: 23/12 to 31/12/2017  Christmas eve Festival
  1. Bank holiday for annual closing on April 1st is applicable only to commercial banks including co-operative banks in India. All other offices will be opened. The banks are closed for public dealings on September 30 for their half-yearly closing of accounts. The day for banks’ half-yearly closing of accounts sometime falls on dissimilar dates at different states due to holidays declared by different States under the Negotiable Instruments Act, In such cases, the last working day in September may be closed by the commercial and co-operative banks in India for their half-yearly closing.
  2. If any of the holidays for the festivals of Muslim fraternity notified above does not fall on the date notified, the holiday date may be altered by the concerned Government.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been taken to avoid errors or omissions in the list of holidays published above. In spite of this, it is possible that any mistake, errors, ambiguity, inconsistency, discrepancy or doubts may inadvertently creep up. Such mistakes or errors noticed by anyone may please be brought to the notice of the author for the rectification.  The author or anyone connected directly or indirectly to this website accepts no responsibility whatsoever and will not be liable for any losses, claims or damages which may arise because of inaccuracy in the information.

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