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All topics related to Deposits

  1. What are the deposit Rates of Major Banks in India?
  2. All about bank deposits
  3. Is Aadhar mandatory for opening bank account?
  4. What are the rules for a name change in banks?
  5. Bank accounts of lunatic and insolvent persons
  6. Bank accounts of persons using thumb impression
  7. Bank account operations by Old/Sick/Incapacitated Customers
  8. What are the guidelines for opening and operating bank account by mentally ill persons?
  9. Bank account of a minor
  10. How to open SB Account in a bank?
  11. Who can open Savings Bank Account/ SB Account in Banks ?
  12. Form ‘QA 22’ for opening bank accounts of foreign nationals
  13. How to open bank accounts of overseas students in India?
  14. How to open Bank account for a foreign tourist?
  15. How to open bank accounts of Foreign Nationals on employment in India?
  16. EEFC Accounts of Indian exporters
  17. FAQs on opening EEFC accounts
  18. Offer of Additional Interest on domestic bank deposits
  19. TDS on Fixed deposits of banks
  20. Tax Saver fixed deposits of banks
  21. What is BSBDA (Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account) / No frill account?
  22. How to regularize bank account classified as dormant or inoperative?
  23. TDS on Fixed deposits of banks
  24. How to open bank account of mentally ill person?
  25. How to deal with accounts of insolvent person?
  26. How to deal with bank accounts of lunatic person?
  27. Why we have to make nomination for our financial assets?
  28. What is safe deposit locker and how to operate?
  29. What is the procedure to be followed on death of a locker hirer?
  30. How a bank returns safe custody articles to nominee/legal heir?
  1. Why NRI’s need NRO account?
  2. Information on FCNR(B) and NRE Deposit
  3. What is Resident Foreign Currency (RFC)?
  4. EEFC Accounts of Indian exporters
  5. FAQs on opening EEFC accounts
  6. Foreign Currency Accounts of Ship-manning and Crew Management agencies
  7. How to close of FCNR deposits?
  8. What are the debits and credits permitted in NRE account?
  9. What are the conditions apply for loan against FCNR/NRE deposits?


  1. How to Open Bank account of a partnership firm?
  2. What is the process to open a Current Account for a Limited Company?
  3. How to open a bank account for Executor or Administrator?
  4. How to open bank account for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pathologies?
  5. How to open HUF Bank account?
  6. What is the process of opening bank accounts for clubs, societies or Associations?
  7. How to open a bank account for Proprietorship / HUF / Liquidator / Trust/Govt. ?
  8. How to open Trust/foundation Account in bank?
  9. What are the powers of Karta in HUF?
  10. How to operate bank account when Karta of the HUF dies?
  11. what is a mandate?
  12. what is a power of attorney?
  1. How does claim settlement in banks work where survivor/nominee clause does not exist?
  2. How does claim settlement by banks work where survivor/nominee clause exist?
  3. How banks settle claims of a missing person on presumed death?
  4. What is the Bank policy for payment of interest on overdue-deposits and current deposits claims?
  5. Offer of Additional Interest on domestic bank deposits
  1. What is Prevention of Money Laundering Act? / PML Act 2002
  2. What are CFT and FATF in banking?
  3. What is Money Laundering?
  4. What are the RBI norms for periodical updating of KYC?
  5. What are core components of KYC/AML guidelines?
  6. KYC documents for current accounts of all varieties
  7. How to open bank accounts under e-KYC process?
  8. What are the valid address proof documents for KYC?
  9. What is relaxed KYC norm for proprietary concerns?
  10. KYC/AML guidelines for opening bank account made simple
  11. What is Central KYC Records Registry (CKYCR)?
  12. The situations in which photographs not necessary to open a bank account.

All topics related to Loans & Advances

  1. What is co-acceptance of bills?
  2. Checklist for banks financing against LC/Co-accepted bills
  3. What are the clean bills, documentary bills, demand bills, usance bills and accommodation bills?
  4. Meaning of DP bills, DA bills, and Acceptance of bills
  5. What is the difference between Demand Bills Purchase and Usance Bills Discount?
  6.  What is Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)?
Loans under Government Scheme
  1. How to get bank finance under PMEGP scheme?
  2. How to submit PMEGP loan application online?
  3. PMEGP-Frequently Asked Questions
  4. How can minority communities avail Concessional Loans?
  5. Detailed information on education loan scheme in India
  6. Padho Pardesh: 100% interest subsidy to students of minority communities
  7. What is Reverse mortgage loan scheme and how it helps senior citizens?
  8. DRI loan scheme for low-income groups
  9. What is CGTMSE credit guarantee scheme?
  10. What are the activities of self-help groups (SHGs)?
  11. Interest concession under DAY-NRLM to Women SGHs
  12. Stand-Up India Scheme for financing SC/ST and/or Women Entrepreneurs
  13. Concept of Priority Sector Lending & revised guidelines
  14. Common loan application format for MSME loans up to Rs.2 Crore revised
  15. Do you know how ‘TReDS’ helps MSME finance?
  16. Dealing in Priority Sector Lending Certificates (PSLCs)
  17. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY): A mega financial inclusion scheme
  18. Loans to weaker section category explained
  19. Interest subvention scheme on short term crop loan
  20. What is SHG bank linkage programme?
  21. What are the key activities of NABARD?
  22. What are the activities of National Housing Bank?
  23. How Gold metal loans are sanctioned to jewellers?
  24. Whether bank can sanction loan to a mentally retarded person? 
  25. What are the latest guidelines on Priority sector lending and targets?
  26. How Kisan Credit Card is useful to farmers?
  27. How agriculture insurance helps farmers on crop losses?
  28. What is risk management in agriculture?
  29. What is hedging of Agri-Commodity Price Risk?
  30. Interest subvention scheme for women SHGs year 2017-18
  31. CLCSS subsidy scheme for micro and small enterprises
  32. What is MUDRA Bank
  33. Different Types of Bank Borrowers
  34. Bank finance of different types
  35. What is demand loan?
  36. What is a Bridge Loan?
  37. Home loan takeover process by banks explained
  38. RBI revises Priority Sector target and classification
Charge creation
  1. What is fixed charge, floating charge and crystallization of charge?
  2. Difference between first charge and second charge
  3. What is Pari-Passu charge?
  4. How bankers establish their right over assets of the borrower?
  5. What are the benefits of charge registration under companies act
  6. What are the implications of non-registration of a charge
  7. How to get the satisfaction of a charge certificate from Registrar of companies?
  8. After delay in filing of registration of the charge: Condonation route
  9. Banks can register a charge on their own if the borrower company fails to register
  10. Mode of charge registration under companies act
  1. Difference between Prime and Collateral Security
  2. What are secured and unsecured loans?
  3. Lien: Liens of a different kind
  4. Hypothecation: Lender’s right under hypothecation of assets
  5. Definition of assignment and actionable claim
  6. Trust Receipt under the contract of pledge
  7. Difference between Lien and Pledge
  8. Difference between Hypothecation and Mortgage
  9. How to examine title deeds of house property?
  10. Mortgage of immovable properties in India
  11. Reverse mortgage loan scheme, windfall to senior citizen
Execution of Documents
  1. The important Points to be borne in mind while in Execution of Loan Documents
  2. How to devote your time for execution of loan documents?
  3. Applicability of Stamp duty when signatories are in different states/abroad
  4. Loans to illiterate persons: Execution of loan documents
  5. Where is the revenue stamp required to be affixed?
  6. Important types of stamp papers used in India
  7. 3 categories of stamp duties in India
  8. What is revival letter for a bank loan?
  9. What is the remedy to revive time-barred debt?
  10. How banks enforce money suit while document is time-barred?
Loan and advances – Useful Information
  1. How to inspect a factory unit and go down?
  2. What is credit monitoring of loans and advances?
  3. What is the difference between loans and advances?
  4. What is the difference between Open Cash Credit and Key Cash Credit facilities?
  5. What is the difference between Overdraft and Cash Credit facility?
  6. Difference between Leasing Finance and Hire-Purchase finance
  7. CIBIL credit scoring system now upgraded
  8. Credit Information reports from all CICs is now mandatory
  9. Free Annual Credit Report to individuals from January 2017
  10. Who are Domestic and International Credit Rating Agencies
  11. Principles of Lending
  12. How to compute Marginal Cost of Lending Rate (MCLR)?
  13. How banks determine ‘Base Rate’ and ‘Spread’ in respect of interest on advances?
  14. What are the conditions apply for loan against FCNR/NRE deposits?
  15. How to prepare a project report or recommendation for bank loan
  16. What is commitment charge?
  1. Major types of Bank guarantees
  2. Non-Fund Based Facility of Non-constituent bank borrowers?
  3. Time limit for enforcement of bank guarantees
  4. Limitation period for personal guarantees?
  5. Circumstances that may discharge Guarantor from all liabilities
  6. What is contract of indemnity?
  7. What is the validity period for bank guarantees issued in favour of Government?

[su_heading margin=”10″]NPA Management[/su_heading]

  1. Strategies for reducing NPA
  2. Recovery through award of LOK ADALAT
  3. Debt recovery through DRT proceedings
  4. RBI releases Strategic Debt Restructuring Scheme for bad loans
  5. Recovery through SARFAESI ACT 2002
  6. Features of amendment Bill 2016 to SARFAESI ACT2002
  7. Who has to be blamed for the deadly trap of rural debts?
  8. All about ‘S4A’: The Scheme for restructuring of Stressed Assets
  9. How to identify a wilful defaulter?
  10. Bad Loans (NPA) in Banks: Why do we have this state of affairs?
  11. Do you know the meaning of ‘Non-Cooperative Borrowers’?
  12. Meaning of ‘diversion of funds’ and ‘siphoning of funds’
  13. What’s the big deal about bankruptcy law?
  14. What’s stopping banks to act as development facilitator of Micro and Small enterprises?
  15. RBI starts proceedings against Large Corporates under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC)
  16. What’s new in Insolvency and bankruptcy code (amendment) Bill 2017?
  17. How Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) could benefit banks?
  18. Resolution of Stressed Assets: RBI scraps all existing debt restructuring schemes
  19. Timelines for large accounts under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC)
Prudential Norms
  1. Prudential norms for income recognition and asset classifications
  2. Modifications to Basel II framework under Basel III accord
  3. Basel Accords: First, Second and Third
  4. Loan to value ratio and Risk Weight percentage on housing loans
  5. Basel III Capital treatment of Banks Balance Sheet items

All topics related to Forex

  1. How much money can you carry abroad?
  2. Currency limit for purchase from duty-free shops increased?
  3. Fundamentals of foreign exchange market and terminologies used in dealings
  4. Export procedure in India
  5. Export declaration forms explained
  6. What is Packing Credit facility?
  7. Packing Credit-Running Account
  8. Meaning of Status holder/export houses and their privileges
  9. Post shipment finance to exporters without packing credit facility
  10. Why both exporter and the bank need ECGC cover?
  11. Eligibility norms for bank finance to exporters
  12. Eligibility norms for bank finance for service exporters
  13. How to liquidate packing credit loan without post-shipment finance?
  14. Important FEDAI rules
  15. What is the role of FEDAI ?
  16. What is the role of EXIM Bank?
  17. Eight types of post-shipment finance provided by the banks
  18. Checklist for banks financing against LC/Co-accepted bills
  19. Crystallization of overdue export bills
  20. Crystallization of import bills under LC
  21. Important Points to be borne in mind while handling import documents
  22. Online submission of Form A2 is now allowed
  23. Evidence for physical import of goods into India
  24. Meaning for Normal Transit Period and Notional Due Date
  25. Uniform Customs and Practice (UCP) for Documentary Credits
  26. Different kinds of letters of credit
  27. Mechanism of letter of Credit transactions
  28. Parties tangled in issuance of a Letter of Credit
  29. Connotations used in Letter of Credit transactions
  30. Standby Letter of Credit of different types
  31. Checklist for banks financing against LC/Co-accepted bills
  32. What is co-acceptance of bills?
  33. Difference between purchase, discount, and negotiation of export bills
  34. Meaning of inland bills and foreign bills explained
  35. Meaning of DP bills, DA bills, and Acceptance of Bills
  36. How well do you know about Buyers Credit and Suppliers Credit
  37. What is negative statement of export bills?
  38. Revision of position (long or short) for all currencies in  Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives (ETCD) Market
  39. Gold import rules in India
External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
  1. Overseas Rupee denominated bonds under ECB
  2. All info on External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
  3. ECB clarification on hedging
  4. Security for External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
  5. External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) in Indian Rupees
  6. Rescheduling or Restructuring of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
  7. RBI relaxes rules on external commercial borrowings
  8. Meaning of cooling period in collection of foreign currency cheques
  9. Revision of FEMA regulations
Forex – General Knowledge
  1. Who is ‘Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)’
  2. Forex terminologies you need to be familiar with
  3. Difference between Devaluation and depreciation of a currency
  4. Seigniorage: How US generate big profit from printing Dollar notes?
  5. Factors why Rupee falling against Dollar

All posts related to Money, Banking, and Finance,treasury Operations

  1. What is call money market?
  2. What is money market?
  3. What is commercial paper?
  4. Different types of repos in money market
  5. What is CBLO dealing in money market
  6. Illustration of yield based and price based auction of Government securities
  7. Government securities and its operators
  8. Derivatives: Meaning of various types of derivatives and their  uses
  9. Name change: CCIL is now Trade Repository
  10. How well do you know Forex Treasury Operations?
  11. Terminologies used in Forex treasury dealing room
  12. Meaning of Dirty Float
  13. What is a financial system?
  14. What is NBFC?
  15. What is Convertible and Non-Convertible Debentures?
  16. What are the activities of a commercial bank?
  17. Co-operative-banking-in-india
  18. What is retail banking??
  19. What is wholesale banking?
  20. What is merchant banking?
  21. What is universal banking?
  22. What is red herring prospectus?
  23. What is factoring?
  24. What is forfaiting?
  25. What is International factoring?
  26. What is Mibor?
  27. What is LIBOR?
  28. What is a Participatory Note?
  29. What are depository receipts –ADR, GDR and IDR?
  30. What is debt market?
  31. What are the difference between equity market and debt market?
  32. Who are Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)?
  33. What is depository?
  34. What is stock exchange and stock broker?
  35. Who is Registrars to an Issue?
  36. What is a strategic alliance?
  37. What is Payment and Settlement System?
  38. What is National Payments Corporation of India?
  39. What is Clearing Corporation of India?
  40. What is derivatives?
  41. What is the meaning of options in security market?
  42. What is the meaning of SWAP transactions?
  43. What is portfolio management?
  44. Difference between futures, options and arbitrage
  45. What is the difference between forward contract and futures contract?

All posts related to Partnerships & Companies

  1. What are Legal rights of minor as a partner
  2. Legal aspects of partnership business (Garner Vs. Murray rule)
  3. Sharing of capital deficiency by the partners
  4. Who are called as active partner and sleeping partner in a partnership?
  5. What are the legal rights of minor as a partner?
  6. What are the types of partners we notice in a partnership?
  7. What are partnership at will and fixed term partnership?
  8. What is LLP ?
Limited and Private limited Companies
  1. Difference between subsidiary company, sister concern, Associated Company, Joint Venture, Conglomerate and Group of companies
  2. How to Register a Company in India explained
  3. Key differences between private limited and public limited company
  4. Authorised Capital, issued capital and paid-up capital of a company explained
  5. Guidelines on Memorandum of Association and Article of Association of a company.
  6. All-in-one Form INC-29 for registration/certificate of Incorporation of new company.
  7. Form INC-7 for Incorporation/registration of a new company
  8. Guidelines on selecting/reservation of name for your company
  9. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of different types
  10. Guidelines on how to get Director Identification Number (DIN)
  11. Udyog Aadhar replaces old system of MSME/SSI registration


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