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Dearness relief (DA) for Bank Pensioners (Latest)

[This page is constantly updated to reflect latest Dearness Relief payable to Bank Pensioners.The Government of India, Ministry of Labour and Employment, (Labour Bureau), releases Consumer Price Index (Base year 2001=100) for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW), on the last working day of every month.   Banks under X BPS & Joint notes are using the same series of consumer price index (Base year 1960=100); related to previous quarter for calculation of DA for the ensuing half year i.e. October to January and February to July]

The percentage of Dearness relief  payable to Bank Pensioners for the half year August 2016 to January 2017 are as under.

The confirmed AICPI numbers for Industrial Workers (Base 1960=100) for the quarter  April to June 2016 are as under.

April 2016:  6185.82 May 2016:    6277.12, June 2016:  6322.77

The average CPI of the above is 6261

Accordingly, Dearness relief on basic pensions of Bank pensioner will be as follows.

  1. Retired on or after 01.11.2012
    455 Slabs @ 0.10% per Slab= 45.50 % of Entire Basic Pension
  2. Retired on or after 01.11.2007 but before 01.11.2012:
    856 Slabs @ 0.15% per Slab= 128.40% of Entire Basic Pension
  3. Retired on or after 01.11.2002 but before 01.11.2007:
    993 Slabs @ 0.18% per Slab= 178.74% of Entire Basic Pension
  4. Pensioner who retired on or after 1.11.1998 and before 01.11.2002 Average index 6261 (1144 Slabs)
Up to basic pension 3550 274.56%
Basic pension from 3551 to 5650 9746.88+ for the basic pension in excess of @228.80%
Basic pension from  5651 to 6010 14551.68+for the basic pension in excess of@ 137.28%
Basic pension 6011 and above 15045+for the basic pension in excess of 6010 @ 68.64%
  1. Retired on or after 1.1.86 and before 1st November 1992/1st July 1993 and before 01.11.2002                                                                                [Average index 6261 (600 points merger), 1415 Slabs)]
Basic pension upto 1250 948.05% =Rs.11850.62
Basic pension from 1251 to 2000 Rs.11850.62+for the basic pension in excess of Rs.1250 @778.25%
Basic pension from  2001 to 2130 Rs.17687.49+for the basic pension in excess of Rs.2000@466.95%
Basic pension from 2131 above Rs.18294.52+ for the basic pension in excess of Rs.2130 @ 240.55%
Basic pension 2400 and above (Average index 6261 (1148 points merger 1278  Slabs)
Up to basic pension 2400 447%
Basic pension from 2401 to 3850 10735.20+ for the basic pension in excess of 2400 @370.62%
Basic pension from  3851to 4100 16109+ for the basic pension in excess of 3850@217.26%
Basic pension 4101 and above 16652+ for the basic pension in excess of@ 115.02%
  1. Pre-1.1.86 retirees,   (Exgratia  multiplied by 1415 slabs @67% )
Applicable CPI Average (600 points merger) Amount of exgratia per month Rate of Dearness Relief Amount of dearness relief per month Total exgratia relief including Dearness relief
6261 Pre-1.1.86


350 948.05% 3318 3668
6261 Spouse of



175 948.05% 1659 1834



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